Seed Potatoes

On Sale Now - Spring 2018

Potato Seed
& Onion Sets

Potato seed and onion sets are available to buy directly from us here in Killult. We also have organic fertilizer like seaweed dust and chicken manure as well as various grades of compost to give your garden a kick start this Spring.

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First Early Potatoes

Home Guard
& Red Duke of York

1 Stone (6.25kg) €7
1 Bag (25kg) €25

Second Early Potatoes

British Queens
1 Stone (6.25kg) €6
1 Bag (25kg) €20

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Onion Sets

White Onion (Rumba) 350g
Red Onion (Karmen) 300g
Shallots (Red Sun) 500g
€3 per bag


Beans, beetroot, carrots, kale, lettuce,
parsnip, peas, scallions, spinach
€2 per packet

Garden Extras

Organic Compost
Seeding Compost 80 Lt €9
Multi-Purpose Compost 80 Lt €6

Organic Slug Pellets
350g Container €5
1 Kg Container €10

Organic Chicken Manure Pellets
3.5kg €5
25kg Bag €27

Organic Seaweed Dust
3.5kg €5
25kg Bag €27

Organic Seaweed Liquid Feed
2 Litre €2

Black Ground Cover (Mypex)
Per 3 metres €3.50

Per 3 metres €1.25

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Plant Sale - May 2018

Our plant sale will take place from 10am to 2pm
Monday the 7th to Saturday the 12th of May
May Bank Holiday Monday Special with Pop-Up Cafe & Live Music

Potato seed and onion sets will still be available for the sale alongside the fruits, vegetables and herbs listed below. We are once again delighted to make available Gortahork Cabbage, proud to play a part in the reintroduction of this rare variety into the area to which it belongs.

Gortahork Cabbage is a distinct variety of cabbage that was unique to the locality of northwest Donegal which had almost died out altogether. It is a landrace variety, which means that it was not selectively bred for specific characteristics but developed largely by natural processes, adaptating over time to the natural environment and conditions in the area.

It has large outer leaves so that the plant may spread up to a metre in diameter with a rounded head that can grow as big as a football. Extremely hardy it stands well through the winter. It is quite tender when cooked with an excellent flavour. In addition to being used as a kitchen vegetable it was a popular source of animal fodder over the harsher winter months.

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Plants available this year include...

Cabbage; Brunswick, Evesham Special, Grey Hound,
Golden Acre, Red Drumhead, Savoy Famosa & Gortahork
Broccoli; Summer Purple,
Cauliflower; All Year Round,
Brussel Sprouts; Evesham Special,
Tomato; Shirley, Tumbler, Vanessa, Bambino, Chadwick, Marmande
Leeks; Hannibal, Zermat
Spinach; Perpetual
Courgettes; All Green, Jemmer
Marrow; Custard white
Cucumber; Crystal Lemon, Burpless Tasty Green
Scallion; Parade
Lettuce; Tivona, Red Mix
Rocket; Green Brigade
Mixed Leaves
ChardRainbow / Rhubarb
Broad Beans; Masterpiece green
Kale; Green curled dwarf, Red Russian, Nero de Toscana
French bean; Barlotto, Cropper Teepee, Orinoco
Runner bean; Prizewinner,
Pea; Onvard
& we have Comfrey which can be used for making a plant feed.


Basil (Genovese), Borage, Chives (Extra Fine), Coriander (Common), Dill (Ducat), Fennel (Common), Lavender (Vera), Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Mint, Oregano (Greek), Parsley (Curly & Flat Leaf), Sage, Rosemary, Tarragon (French), Thyme (Broad Leaved & Common), Wild Garlic

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